Found in Central and Southern Ontario;

    Ironwood is a native hard wood that is often used

    in the making of tool handles such as axes.


    It is commonly referred to as the hardest and

    most resilient wood in Canada.


    We craft Ironwood Hard Cider to resemble these qualities. Cold, Hard Cider, that is Genuine Strong.

    Proud member of the OCCA

  • Inside Ironwood


    Varieties of Ontario Apples



    NOTL, ON


  • The stuff we make

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    'The Original'

    ABV 6%


    Our flagship dry cider is crafted from 100% fresh-pressed Ontario apples. Made traditionally with a dry finish, The Original is a true testament to Canadian Cider.


    You can find the Original at your local bar or restaurant in Southern Ontario and Toronto.

    Or, at select LCBO stores


    Tres Robles

    ABV 7.5%


    As the name suggests (if Español is your thing), we use three kinds of toasted oak in this smooth, textured cider.

    Past Seasonals:


    Lakeshore Fresh II

    ABV 6.5%

    Dry-hopped with fresh harvested hops (100% Cascade) grown 2 minutes down the road. Lakeshore Fresh II has a distinctive citric, grassy aroma with a hint of spice and zest at the end.


    *** Bronze - GlintCap 2016


    ABV 7.2%


    Ride the wave of our new seasonal cider. Crisp and bright Cranberry kicks up classic apple notes to pack a refreshingly tart punch. Gnarly, dude!


    ABV 6.7%


    A unique blend of Ontario Bartlett and Bosc pears, "Perrydise" was fermented on oak and then further aged 6 months on lees. This full-bodied pear cider packs rich and creamy tropical notes like pineapple and guava, and has a smooth and lengthy vanilla finish.


    * Gold Medal - 2016 Ontario Cider Awards

    Lakeshore Fresh

    ABV 6.5%

    Dry-hopped with fresh harvested hops (70%Mt. Hood, 30% Williamette) grown 2 minutes down the road. Lakeshore Fresh has a distinctive citric, grass aroma with a hint of spice at the end.


    Screachin' Peach

    ABV 7%


    Yep, the good old Niagara staple can be found here. We throw in some ginger spice to create extra complexity and only filter it once to retain as much peach as possible.


    ABV 7.2%


    Dark ruby in colour, this seasonal uses a blend of local Niagara sour cherries. It's got a strong left hook, so beware!

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